Sunday, December 16, 2012

december bark box

we finally got a box on time!!! woop woop!
The December box came to us in a matter of DAYS.

There were some good goodies in this month's box...but i still felt a little...underwhelmed. maybe because i was hoping--because it was december/christmas--that it would be extra special or something.  This is Ollie's last box in the 6-month bundle we signed up for. i think we are probably not going to reorder. :(  While we were introduced to fun new treats (we especially loved barkworthies!) and we loved getting mail every month, i think ollie is just TOO picky for this. 

But without further adieu, his December box included:

1.Bocce's Bakery: natural dog treats...this brand was featured in a previous box but this time these treats are featuring a more "holiday" flavor: chicken, pumpkin, cranberries, & cinnamon.  ollie ate a few pieces, but lost interest. biscuit type treats are not his favorites, i have no idea why. he just loves chewy sticks and soft jerky-like treats best. {}

2.  Fresh Dog: Oatmeal Shampoo  i have yet to give this a try. but his bath day is tomorrow so maybe we'll try it tomorrow. :) {}

3.  simply fido: reindeer ("holiday moose") toy. ollie does like this guy. ollie likes plush toys. i know a lot of people are probably going to complain that their dog destroyed it in 2.5 seconds, but this is the first "plush" toy we've seen and we're happy campers.  {}

4.  puppy cake:  red velvet cake mix for dogs! i'm super excited to try this, the only thing is that it makes A LOT...ollie is a little guy, so i'm not too sure when i'll be making this. or...maybe i could freeze it. i think this is such a cute idea :) {}

one thing i do like, is that barkbox has made a barkbox app where you can purchase items that were featured in their boxes...which i think i will do to buy some barkworthies products, since they are not available for sale...

i wonder if i should try a different box subscription....

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