Tuesday, September 4, 2012

august bark box

ollie's august bark box finally arrived on AUGUST 31st.  according to bark box representatives, they tried a different form of shipping this month, which resulted in extremely slow shipping to those on the west coast and hawaii. hopefully they go back to the original shipping method!

i'm too lazy to go through each item, so this photo of the info card will have to do:

i don't know if it's the smell of the treats, but ollie always seems to know that that box is for him! it's so difficult to get him to take a picture with his goodies, before he wants to tear everything open!

now, this month's box wasn't a favorite of ours...the treats were in a hard biscuit form, which ollie never seems to care about.  he only really gets excited about jerkey type treats...i don't know why. maybe he has sensitive teeth?   the milk bone trail mix was cute and clever, but the internet forums have made me a little wary about brands like milk bone and iams....the paranoia is making me debate giving it to him.  i've also seen other comments on blogs and facebook of people not please with this item as well. (doesn't help my paranoia).  the toy was also a little too big.  {hmmm, maybe they need to make a XS dog box. } normally he likes plush toys, but he did play with it a little this morning, i think just because it's new. and the nature's miracle spray...i only used once. it was ok. we'll see.   the item he was most excited about (grabbed it out of the box and went running "stay away mommy this is mine!") was the antler.  i previously had bought him a deer antler, which it think was too difficult for him to chew...once he could no longer reach the marrow, he gave up...this antler was cut in a way where the marrow is exposed, so it's easier for him to get to...although i still think these antler chews are a little too hard for him. he still picks it up every now and then:

looking forward to the september box!!!

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