Friday, April 6, 2012

ollie's ruff 2 days...

it's been a "ruff" 10+ hours for poor ollie pollie.

last night nolan came home and ollie woke up and went to greet him. when it was time to go back to sleep, we couldn't find him on the couch (his normal spot if he's not in the bed)...we found him hiding behind some bins by the paper shredder under our side table. he was shaking and looked scared...but nothing had happened that would scare him so we were confused and worried... i picked him up to try to take him back to the bed but he flipped out and ran off the bed. we found him under our shoe shelves...way in the back. shaking. he wouldn't let us touch him or pick him up :(

nolan was finally able to pick him up and get him to the couch. he was still shaking...similar to when he's cold or scared but more excessive and noticeable. we thought something had just spooked him and he was scared. i did call the 24 hour VCA, but i decided to just wait it out. if he didn't stop shaking after awhile we'd take him eventually stopped and i slept with him on the couch. i didn't know what else to do so i put his thundershirt on.

he was his normal self by this morning.

luckily this morning he was going in for his annual exam anyway so when i told the vet what had happened, he said he could have had a very mild seizure. :( he said not all seizures are severe where it looks like what you imagine seizures to look like.....that it was very mild and there's not much you can do unless it becomes more frequent, then there are medications.

we also asked about his leg that he kicks out every once in which we found out that ollie has hip dysplasia and a luxating patella. i kind of suspected it from earlier, but hoped it was just a weird quirk. his isn't so bad, so no surgery...unless it gets a lot worse. just keep his weight down and try to avoid jumping up and down a lot...

he also squirmed and put up a huge fight when it was time to draw blood, which caused him to bleed a lot (all over the nurse's scrubs...oops)

poor little guy is pooped.

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  1. A seizure! OMG! Poor Ollie!
    AND hip dysplasia! I thought hip dysplasia was something only bigger dogs had to worry about! Poor guy!