Friday, April 13, 2012

ollie the exterminator

ollie has a new job....exterminator, specializing in roaches!

this morning i found an almost dead roach on the floor between the living room and kitchen.
when i told nolan what i found, it was like a light bulb went off and he says "oh! maybe that's what he was doing!!!"

nolan said at about 3am in the morning, ollie was barking up a storm in the living room. normally, if you scold him, he'll stop and come running back to the bed. but this time he didn't. so nolan had to get up and go out to the living room {lights off, with no glasses/contacts} to grab him....which proved difficult since he said ollie was barking and darting all over the living room with his nose to the ground. nolan thought ollie was going nuts. no glasses/contacts + no lights on + our dark floor = perfect roach camouflage. (also makes for stealth poop dropping camouflage too)

{i wish i could've seen it...nolan chasing ollie, who was chasing a roach. running all over the living room. i slept right through it. i guess i'm now a heavy sleeper.}

yorkies were bred to hunt rats...i guess he takes what he can get these days. i'm glad we don't have any rats for him to hunt (*knock on wood*) poor ollie was probably thinking, "i'm protecting you guys from the dangerous roachie and i'm getting scolded?!?!" ollie pollie, my hero. ;p

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