Tuesday, March 6, 2012

safety seat

excessive and ridiculous? probably.

safe? supposedly.

ollie approved? DEFINITELY!

I finally bit the bullet and purchased a snoozer car seat for ollie to use on his daily car rides. up until now, he's been riding in his carrier, strapped in with a seat belt. while ollie loves his bag, it's not his favorite while in the car. he can't see out, and i think the way the seat belt goes through the seat belt slots of the carrier, it smashes him...and it's just not comfortable for him. poor guy.

i know it may seem a little ridiculous, but he does ride in the car daily...and it would be much more enjoyable for him, and me included (no more listening to him whine and scratch the bag as he demands to be let out)...now he's free, yet buckled in. and he LOVES it. peace has been restored in my car! :)

last night when we got home, he didn't even want to get off of the car seat! i'm really glad he likes it :)


  1. That's a fancy seat! So is he strapped to the seat? Or is the seat just strapped to the seat?
    His thundershirt is probably 1/20th the size of Darwin's. hahaha

    1. the seat is buckled in by the seatbelt, and ollie is srapped onto the seatbelt by some carseat attachement. he really seems to enjoy it. today i tried to get him out and he refused to leave!

      lol! he wore that thundershirt for 2 days straight w/all the thundering that's been happening.