Thursday, March 1, 2012


we don't really have the best car-ride situation going on. if it's just me and ollie, he rides in his bag, w/the seatbelt strapped through the little slots for a seatbelt. he's usually good about it, but at times he can be impatient and will scratch and bark to try to get out. {poor guy}

Today i heard some scratching and movement in the bag, and when i went to look, this is what i saw:

he had shoved his head through the tiny side opening that is meant to let the dog owner stick their hand in the bag to pet the dog to comfort them without the dog being able to get out. i didn't zip it back up because i didn't think there was any way he could fit through that narrow slit, but he did. so while i was driving home worried that his head was stuck and i'd have to cut the bag open, he sat there happy as a clam that he was partially free, with a much better view.

it's a good thing that today was also the day i ordered a doggy car seat. what a coincidence. :)

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