Monday, February 6, 2012

who knew? i didn't.

i had no idea that you had to register your microchip!
silly me, i thought when someone scanned the chip, your dog's info was displayed/given.

after talking to my friend lori about blogs, she was talking about this local blog called "the cat dish" ---written by catherine toth, who also writes for the staradvertiser. lori actually was talking about all of the food posts, but i went straight for the section about her pets, which was where i stumbled upon this post: Lost Dog: what i learned (go read it!!!)

in a nutshell, if you don't register your microchip, it's pretty much useless. {i don't know about you, but when you get your dog microchipped, there should be more information about it.}
so i researched the brand of chip that ollie has...AVID. their pamphlets say that if we don't enroll in their registration program thingamabob, all the information someone will get is the name of the vet that implated the chip. If you enroll, all your information should come up immediately.

you bet i immediately enrolled!

i also printed out the form to register his number at the humane society. here's the section on "pet identification"

i had no idea....
just thought i'd post this in case others were clueless like myself. :/

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