Thursday, February 2, 2012


it's ollie's second birthday. has it really been 2 years?!?! ollie is currently experiencing a birthday hangover...his morning started out in his finest duds...

but he hated it, so it came off after i snapped a few pictures. i think the long tuxedo tails bother him. maybe i should shorten them, so he can wear it more. it's his only designer-doggy gear, he should make the most of it!

of course there were gifts:

gift #1: a new toy! (unpictured)

gift #2: terrabone dental chew. he ate the whole thing in under 45 minutes. i tried to take it away from him to save half, but he cried and cried looking for it. i'm not too sure how well it freshens made it smell like my mom's vitamins. strange. i really wanted to try the zukes mini bones, but i couldn't find it.

he also got new treats from my mom. i also got him some peanut butter cups and mini pup-cake from cocojor. after all those treats, ollie was POOPED.

after his nap, he went to my mom's house (i had to go to the dentist...oh joy) where he had a ball looking out the window and running around. he saw his favorite dog pass by the house (twice)...there's just something about that fluffy white dog....he ate even MORE treats! he seriously had to open and taste test each bag.

{quick notes about the above treats: the barksters were the clear favorite of the bunch. and the salmon sushi rolls...SO STINK! i don't know what i thought they'd be like...maybe little salmon flavored treats that looked like sushi? but they were just dehydrated salmon pieces rolled to look like sushi. the "nori" was actually the salmon skin. the skin was SO HARD that ollie couldn't even eat it. we had to resort to smashing the pieces with a hammer, and taking the skin off. maybe this is a better treat for bigger dogs with stronger chompers...and kind of funny, you know how dogs like to roll around in patches of grass where it smells? well ollie tossed the sushi treat on the ground and started rolling all over it! so funny...and gross.}

then it was off to his other grandparents, where he was treated to new toys (unpictured: loofah dog & mini dolphin toy) and in lieu of cake, he got his favorite "people food", Ani's Sweet Bread.

a little note from ollie:

thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes, presents, and love. i had the best birthday ever! i love everybody!

love, ollie pollie.

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  1. wowo Ollie! Looks like you had a great birthday! That's a lot of treats in one day! I hope you didnt have an upset tummy after all that!