Thursday, December 15, 2011

*ruff* nights & doggie wake-up calls

Ollie will sometimes bark at people out on the street at night (normally crazy homeless or drunk idiots) or people walking in the halls (security or late night residents)...but it's rare...but the past 2 weeks it's been ALL.THE.TIME. every night. multiple times a night. This past tuesday was the worst. he got up to bark at people on the street almost hourly. this does not bode well for our quality of sleep...and no one likes to see nolan when he lacks sleep!

I started to look up reasons for this (ghosts, bad dog-parenting, etc) and what you can do about it (spray bottle, training, etc.) some people who live in noisy areas said they leave a fan on to muffle out the noise....then at 2:30am this morning, after ollie's 2nd or 3rd barking fit, it hit me. we've been sleeping with the AC off. which means ollie sleeps ON TOP of the blankets. When the AC is on, he'll sleep under the covers. the AC noise and the comforter had been muffling the sounds this whole time! so i turned the AC on, he went under the covers and slept through the night! HALLELUJAH!!!!

now on the opposite end of the spectrum, ollie is very considerate in the morning he recognizes our iphone alarm sound, and will wait until he hears it before trying to wake you up. :) this is a video i took this morning of him trying to wake nolan up after nolan's alarm rang about 5 times...

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  1. hahah does Nolan know you posted this video? hahaha
    That's cute. He's like WAKE UP DAD! WAKE UP! NOW! NOW!