Monday, December 26, 2011

merry christmas (one day late)!!!

Hi everyone!

Ollie Pollie here!
I hope you had a very merry christmas, and that santa paws was as good to you as he was to me!
i had so much fun yesterday that i forgot to put up my christmas post! but better late than never!!!

on christmas eve i went to visit my great grandma! my mommy made me wear my santa hat, but i kept trying to take it off...

i had fun hanging out with my great grandma and watched her open her gift :) but we had to go home before they ate lunch. my nose was working overtime!

later that night i got to open a gift from my grandma! i love it! it's so yummy! i ate about 3 until my mommy read that it was energy treats for an active day. she said energy treats at 9pm at night was probably not the best idea. i have no idea why.

i also went to my other grandma's house and got more gifts! i love this new turtle toy!

on christmas morning i went to my cousin bula's house. he likes to sniff my butt. i hate it. but i got to play and see my family!

hope you all had a great christmas!!! here's a picture of me and my cousin! :

merry christmas!!!

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