Wednesday, September 28, 2011

snip snip

hello all:

i think my mommy is neglecting my blog, so i thought i would help her out today!
i just went to the groomers (fur love) the other day for my monthly hair cut!
my mom said i cut my hair more than she does...but not as frequently as my dad. he goes A LOT!

i really like my new cut, it's a little different than the others...shorter than normal, but i like it! i feel like a puppy again! i think this cut takes years (ok, maybe months) off my age and about a pound off my weight, don't you agree?

my mommy also said i should be getting a package in the mail from petco! she said there's snacks and a halloween shirt for me! i'm so excited!!!


ollie :)

p.s. anyone going to the petwalk?

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