Monday, September 19, 2011

a day at the park

this past sunday we took ollie to go play with peanut at the humane society dog park. i have several gripes about dog parks:

1. ollie can fit through the gates at the dog parks. they should really look to make things more small dog friendly. {currently thinking of a contraption i can make to block these gaps while we are there...i'm thinking those floatation noodles?}

2. small-dog areas of the dog parks are so....BORING. i think small dogs would appreciate more trees and fun things that the big dogs have too! {just sayin'}

all gripes aside, ollie had a great time with peanut, and even got to see another yorkie (who was WAY bigger than him...his name was snickers. how cute!)

do you see snickers in the background of the last pic? ollie always gets extra excited to see other yorkies or silkies. it's like he's saying "dogs that look like me! dogs that look like me!"

and here's a clip of ollie and peanut playing...

1 comment:

  1. you'd think with the popularity of small dogs that they'd be better secured.
    hahah Ollie and Peanut are so cute together!
    Darwin always gets excited when she sees other Danes.