Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness!!!!

It's that time of year where work productivity plummets as everyone spends all day checking the status of their March Madness Brackets...i love it! it's so much fun! :) Now you may remember that we tried to see if Ollie could predict the next Hawaii Governor...he was wrong. Ollie "voted" Mufi every time. {voting=putting nose on picture of his pick for gov}

So, here at work (yes, i'm blogging from work) we thought it would be fun for ollie to make a bracket...but there are too many choices, it would just take too long for him to pick. So in a completely UNscientific study:

we divided a large sheet of paper into 4 boxes, put the first letter of each first seed team in their own box...then we put the same treats in each four box and let him pick which treat he wanted first. (i told you, TOTALLY NOT SCIENTIFIC...but completely entertaining.)

Ollie's pick???


we shall see.......

1 comment:

  1. hahaha good job Ollie! Maybe I should make Darwin choose a winner.
    I on the otherhand love the mascot of Ohio State (that buckhead is so cute!) so Im rooting for them to win! (Jason laughs at me that I make my bracket picks based on mascots, and then I usually beat him) :)