Friday, March 25, 2011

letter from ollie

hi readers!
i'm sad to say that my pick (DUKE) lost. boo!
I even wore my blue lumberjack jacket and everything!
{thank you dotchi for the jacket, i love it! it's my daddy's favorite! and it keeps me nice and warm when i go to work with my mom!}
i'm going to get my hair cut today at fur love!
i'm very excited, i love going there and playing with all the other dogs! if you need a place to get a nice bocha and hair cut, go to fur love. they even do day care and boarding! i've gone to day care once and didn't want to go home! i barely noticed when my mommy came to pick me up...she was very sad about that. (sorry mommy!)
hope you have a nice weekend!
ollie ollie pollie

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