Sunday, December 19, 2010

scared ollie pollie

ollie did so well during 4th of july that i wasn't worried about new years eve...until now.
i don't know what changed, but now he's positively scared of fireworks. someone started setting off fireworks last night around 630pm and again at 7pm....ollie was so scared he started shivering until about midnight. he would hide under chairs, behind your feet, in cupboards, behind the bed.....he was so scared.
i don't know what changed between july and july he didn't even seem to notice the loud booming noises, but now he jumps and shakes.

so i've been told several things...
mild tranquilizer...
rescue remedy...has anyone tried this???
thunder shirts...i can't find one small enough.. :(

comments? suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. We tried rescue remedy when we took Darwin on a snowmobile... I dont know if it did much.
    Since Ollie is so small you could get an Ace bandage and wrap it around him like a Thundershirt... Its mostly the compression on their body that calms them... like swaddling a baby.
    Id be nervous about tranquilizing a dog that tiny.