Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The other day i was wrapping christmas gifts, while ollie "helped"...and by helped, i mean, sniffed, licked and walked over the wrapping and gifts. then i noticed it got really quiet. where was he? on the couch....first he wasn't allowed on the couch...then he could sit on the couch but he had to be on a blanket (notice the blanket is there, but he's not on it)

after awhile i turned to look to see if he was still there.
he wasn't.
i started looking all over the apartment for him, starting to get a little worried, then i heard his bell jingle from the couch...but he wasn't there...
or was he?
he was hiding behind the pillows!

"here i am mom!"

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  1. so cute! I like the wall color with the couch!