Monday, November 8, 2010

walking zombie

i am a walking zombie.
ollie used to be so good and sleep through the night.
now, he's waking up all the time and barking his heart out.
it's gotten so bad that now it's every 2 hours!
i can't sleep. nolan is getting pissed.....



  1. Is he sleeping in his room by himself? Would it be better if his bed was in your room?
    Is it that he wants to play? Maybe he needs more exercise during the day?
    Is he scared of something? Darwin went through a phase of being a big scaredy cat (and barker), but she grew out of it. Just don't baby him.
    or you could try a thundershirt.

  2. he is by himself. last time we tried having him in our room, all he wanted to do was try to get on the bed...that's why we moved him. he stayed at nolan's parents house one night, just so we could get a good night's rest and he only woke up once to use the bathroom. he used to sleep thru the night in his own room until this month. i don't know what changed.