Wednesday, November 3, 2010

nine months two days.

Ollie is 9 months and 2 days old today! I can't believe i've had him since april!

So Ollie's first Halloween experience. He had 3 i bought for $7, one was handed down to him, and one was an omiyage from korea.

First up is ollie-bee! my mom brought this shirt back from korea, it has a hood too. it's super cute and he likes wearing this one.

then there was, Ollie Cullen-Salvatore! This was his $7 vampire costume i found that was way too big. we tried to alter it to fit him, but it didn't come out so great and the fit was still too big. he didn't really enjoy this one.

Then comes fireman ollie! His friend spunky was too big for this costume so passed it on to ollie, and it was a perfect fit! this was his trick or treat costume!

Ollie barked up a storm at my sister's house---pretty embarassing.
i think he just wanted to play with bula, but bula only wanted to sniff his butt. ollie didn't appreciate the excessive butt sniffing and decided to just sit down.

Hope you all had a great halloweenie!


  1. cute!
    I like the vampire costume the best!
    Have you see pictures of Erin's new pup?