Monday, June 14, 2010

balcony safety...

So as most of you know we'll be moving into our new condo soon...sixth floor...not too high, but high enough.
The balcony has open railings, not a solid glass or concrete walls and i'm worried about Ollie's safety. He could easily fall through....
And my mom just had to go and tell me a story about how her friend's dog (also a yorkie) got past its owner and ran thru the door and ran through the railing bars and fell to the street below. SO SAD & SCARY!!!
The bad thing is the condo is so strict and we can't do anything to alter the appearance of the balcony...everything has to remain uniform w/the other units. So what can i do to make things safe that isn't TOO visible?
My friend said she uses chicken any of you know of other options?

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  1. You can put that clear plexi glass type thing.