Tuesday, February 3, 2015

{a post by ollie} my birthday

hi everybody! ollie here! i had the best birthday this year and now mommy is letting me take over the blog to tell you guys all about it!!!

first i woke up,  and my mommy and daddy both wished me happy birthday and i got a great breakfast of dog food, chicken & cheese! yum!

then because i had to share my day with something called the super bowl (i think it's like the puppy bowl, but with hoomans),  i had a little super bowl fun:

i'll go with these guys...

i was wrong, but that's ok.  it was still fun to pick!  after that, i opened my presents:

what is it? what is it?

omigosh it's making noise!

i got me a new bag and new shirt, and a toy cake! the cake even sings happy birthday to me! i loved it!  after that,  my mommy was baking something in the kitchen while i took a little birthday nap. then it was time to go to my grandma and papa's house! i was so excited! i got to play outside:

i love the outdoors!

barking at my fishy friends

it is I, sir ollie pollie!

and then i noticed mommy had disappeared, so i went inside to check what mommy was doing:

whatcha doing in there mommy?
i love my mommy!

ooh, pup-cakes for me!

she was baking again, but this time it was for me she said! i was excited!  it was my very own pup-cake in a portion that was small like me! it was so yummy i gobbled it up right away!


i'm so excited!

I played outside for awhile longer and i went on TWO walkies! grandma took me on a walkies, and mommy took me on one too! i felt so special! walkies are one of my favorite activities!

then i went inside to open my presents:
i love opening presents!

grandma got me two different types of breath freshening treats.  i think she's trying to tell me something...and i did have to have a bath...but i didn't mind because i always get told how handsome i am after i bocha :P
then after my bath i went to my other papa and grandma's house.  i got to eat sweet potato and they bought me my very own cake!

for me?!?!

when they took the cake away to get cut up, i couldn't take my eyes off of it:

hey guys, where you going with my cake?!?

this was a people-cake so i'm only allowed very tiny nibbles, but i still love it all the same!
i feel so special and loved! i had the best birthday ever!

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