Wednesday, September 25, 2013


sing it with me now,
reunited and it feels so goooood.....
Ollie + peanut
after almost a whole year, Ollie and his girlfriend peanut were together again!  peanut went through a pretty lengthy "custody battle" and has finally been able to see her daddy again! and that means Ollie can now see his girlfriend again!
Ollie was SO excited when we brought him over, he even remembered the apartment building where peanut lives....we drove past it once looking for street parking, and he started whimpering and crying with excitement. he knew where he was going!
I think it has been a pretty long time, and peanut had only been "home" for a few hours so I think she was still in an adjustment period. she seemed happy to see Ollie, yet a little apprehensive. Ollie on the other hand was crazy excited! play peanut! play!
hopefully as peanut gets re-acclimated with her home, she will remember her first love, Ollie :)

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