Monday, July 29, 2013


Ollie loves visiting his great grandma!  He's such a great therapy dog for her. he is really gentle with her, gives her kisses, and likes to play. he'll show her his tricks and takes treats from her.  She loves seeing him and he always gets a smile from her. :)

Nolan and I were approached by someone at the pet expo the other month asking if we ever considered having Ollie become a therapy dog. honestly, that would be my dream.  but Ollie can be very unpredictable. certain strangers sends him into barking fits, and we can never tell why.  this alone is a reason we wouldn't think he'd be a good everyone-therapy dog.

but from the first time he met my grandma he was so good with her. and I consider it very lucky for all of us...and especially for her. her own private therapy dog :)
Ollie & Great Grandma

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