Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ginormous chewy

One of Ollie's friends at work had ordered him one of his favorite chew treats online for christmas. It comes in a variety of sizes, and Ollie's size it "teeny"...but when the order came in, the site accidentally sent her, "ginormous" (for dogs 40 pounds and up).    She didn't want to send it back for one chew toy so she decided to see what he would do with it:

when he first opened it, i had to monitor how much he ate...i would let him chew on it only a little at a time...i didn't want an unfortunate green poop explosion to happen! lol!  but after awhile, when the novelty wore off a little, he would only eat a little at a time.  It eventually took him about a month to finish off the entire thing...

i wonder what he'll do if we go back to the teeny size.  lol.

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