Tuesday, July 24, 2012

doggie boots!

Lately, whenever we take ollie out for long walks...or when he runs like a crazy dog on long walks...i've noticed that his paw pads get torn and scraped.  Then he'll spend all night licking his paws...so after watching some youtube videos and reading reviews i decided to try the Pawz dog boots.  

I ordered them from petco.com and bought the xs, but he really needs the xxs.  the boots are reusable and disposable, so you can use them a few times then throw 'em out.  they're pretty much like little balloons.

it took him awhile, but he got used to wearing the boots...his initial first steps were funny, but not as hilarious as others i've seen on youtube. look at his face in the picture, he looks like, "what are you doing to me mommy?"

here's a short clip of his first steps wearing pawz:

we took him to see the ducks with them on...on his mad dash to the pond, he left a trail of little orange boots...they all flew off! i'm off to order the smaller size! :)

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