Sunday, May 27, 2012

arigato gozaimasu!

my mom recently went on a trip to japan and brought back a few things for ollie!  the little guy got some treats, a toy, and a shirt.

ollie & his omiyage(s)
my mom said she didn't really see very many dog stores, but when she did, she said there were rows and rows and rows of super cute girl clothes, but sadly, nothing for boy dogs (odd, no?) so the shirt ollie is wearing was the "manliest" shirt she could find. {unpictured is the back of the shirt, where the design includes pink bones, so i'm not entirely sure this is a boy-shirt} ollie loves it anyway. :)  

also pictured is his new friend, llama llama.  they became instant friends and they go everywhere together ;p

a short message from ollie:
    thank you grandma & papa for bringing me back goodies from japan! i love everything, especially the cookies!  thank you also for all the food-treats you brought back for my mommy and daddy, that they are not sharing with me. they seem to enjoy it, but i can't tell how good it is since i can't sample it. 
love, ollie.

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