Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ollie missed his dad...

in our apartment, we have a security door that only allows residents on that particular floor access it...the door is pretty loud and we can hear it every time it opens and shuts (annoying, i know) i personally can't tell when it's nolan that opens that security door until he's actually using the keys to come into our apartment. somehow ollie knows when it's nolan from the moment the security door opens. if it's not nolan he doesn't even flinch and goes about his business. if it is nolan, ollie will stop everything and go sit at the edge of the couch and face the door waiting for him to come in the apartment.


when nolan goes on trips, ollie becomes hyper-aware of the security door and will check to see if, just maybe, it's his dad. well, nolan went to vegas last week and on the first day ollie waited for him, and waited...and waited...

luckily, he got over it and was fine the rest of the days nolan was gone.


when we went to pick nolan up from the airport, little did we know that before we arrived curbside at baggage claim, nolan had pet his friend's dog who had also gone to pick up his traveling dad. so when we got there, ollie saw nolan through the window and got SUPER excited. when nolan got in the car, i passed ollie to him, who was still super excited. that is...until he started sniffing his arms and hands. then he got upset and proceeded to act very aloof, "hmph! i don't care you're here traitor!" and stared out the window.

but all was forgiven by the next day. good thing ollie doesn't hold a grudge. lol.

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  1. Poor Ollie. I hope Nolan brought him back a treat from Vegas to make up for leaving him! :)