Monday, October 24, 2011

Aloha Pet Festival 2011

This past weekend we took ollie to the first annual (?) Aloha Pet Festival at Kaka'ako. When we were there it was pretty empty, but not too empty if you know what i mean. Ollie had fun running around and sniffing butts and saying hello to all the dogs. he seemed to enjoy it more than the pet walk. i think it wasn't as overwhelming for him. all the dogs seemed pretty relaxed and not stressed out.

He made new friends with these poms:

and he checked out the shiba inu booth (ollie really hopes his grandma gets a shiba inu!)

{found the next 2 pics on shiba inu hawaii's FB page}

and here are a few pictures that we took as well:

{on his way to the festival!}

{"hi! i like your dress!"}

{"my mommy needed coffee!"}
the curb has some good coffee! you can follow them on facebook to find out where they're located for the day. :)

{that was a BIG kooper-dog!}
this dog was HUGE!!! i was worried ollie would bark at him, but he didn't, he was really mellow.

{"i want a shiba inu friend"}

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  1. Cute costume Ollie!
    That IS a big dog! German Shepherd? It's huge!